Rumor Control: VH1 Confirms Whether Or Not Love & Hip Hop ATL Star Rasheeda Has Given Birth To Punk Azz Kirk’s Baby



Has Rasheeda already popped her gut full of ain’t isht hubby?

Rasheeda Denies Giving Birth To Baby

Via VH1 Blogs:

You know how much we love Rasheeda‘s pregnancy attire, and she’s still got about a month of wear to get out of those clothes, in spite of whatever rumors you may have heard.

Recently, a report that Rasheeda had given birth to her and Kirk‘s son started to spread, and it even included a photo, above, of her holding a baby. Alas, that’s not her child. We can definitively tell you she’s still awaiting the arrival of baby Frost, and her due date isn’t until the end of August.


Rasheeda posted this photo of her still totin’ a gut full from this past weekend, so it looks like the rumors are false!

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