Get Your Life Together: 10 Celebrities Who Need To Be On “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew”

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lil-wayne-drinking-syrup Celebrities can go overboard on the good life fame offers. Some celebrities get so slizzard or are too high from the sticky icky to function. Here are 10 celebrities who need to be on "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew."
Cissy Houston says Bobby Brown's DUI proves he's a bad influence Bobby Brown Bobby didn't look to great in that video where he put Bobbi Kristina's brother boo thang on blast. We're surprised Bobby is still alive. Dude looks like he needs a serious break from life.
rihanna-smoking-weed-hawaii-0116-01-400x470 Rihanna Rihanna is getting slizzard at concerts to the point she can barely stand. Ri Ri you can piff-puff all you want....Chris isn't coming back.
Amanda Bynes seen smoking a hand rolled cigarette in New York Amanda Bynes Somebody needs to step in before baby girl pulls an Amy Whinehouse. She wants Drake to murder her vajajay then next he's ugly. Get it together.
lil-wayne-drinking-syrup Lil Wayne Ninja wants us to believe his seizures were from being overworked. No Weezy, you drunk so much sizzurp even you don't remember how you got phucked up."
070610+Lindsay+Lohan+crying+court Lindsay Lohan Unlike her dad, we don't think Oprah will save her. She is a lost cause. After Dr. Drew she needs to be locked up.
sparkle screening inside arrivals 140812 Bobbi Kristina Bobbi Kristina doesn't look like she's piff-puffin' on some good isht. Who marries their play-play brother?
MINAJ-WENNfeat Nicki Minaj Maybe Dr. Drew can stop Nicki from talking to her multiple personalities and finally get rid of Roman once and for all.
e8714b53-ef27-4a54-a7b9-8a4335132d59_Justin-Bieber-fight-lashes-out-paparazzi-london-photographer Justin Bieber It's clear Justin is piff-puffin on some good isht, but dude is ballin' out of control. For most people sticky icky makes them calm...Justin is peeing in buckets and spitting on people. Maybe that sticky icky is laced with something. We're just saying.
Topshop Topman LA opening party Chris Brown Someone needs to help Chris. Maybe Iyanla and Dr. Drew can do a combined therapy session, stop him from bugging the phuck out and get rid of whatever Illuminati curse he has.
renee Renee Alway Cotdamn! Tyra needs to stage an intervention for this chick and help her get some of that "Cover Girl" scrilla.

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