Silver Spoon Swag: First Pics Of The Royal Baby Boy Fresh Out Of The Hospital With Duchess Kate Middleton And Prince William

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This little dude is FRESH out the womb and they already have him posing for the paps

First Pictures Of The Royal Baby

While high profile celebrities in America work over time to shield their newborn babies from the public eye, things seem to work a little differently with British and their Royal Family.

Just one day after giving birth, Dutchess Kate Middleton stepped out of the hospital with her husband Prince William and posed for paparazzi pictures with their day-old future prince before heading to an undisclosed location.

Prince William and Kate Middleton with baby

Either the British paps aren’t nearly as thirsty as ours are in America, or Prince Williams and Kate have some serious top flight security….

Prince William and Kate Middleton with baby

We’d guess it’s both. Congratulations to the new parents on their little bundle.



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