For The Fellas: Erica Mena Puts Her Bikini Bawwwdy And Knifed Up King-Size Knockers On Blast For Beach Video Shoot

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The Mena mounds make an appearance in Mexico

Erica Mena Shows Off Her Bikini Body In Beach Video Shoot

Resident Love & Hip Hop wild child Erica Mena is using her time away from the camera to do much of the same as what she does on camera: show off her slimmy trimmy shape and sun-kissed double Ds.

The rowdy reality tv Boricua recently left her bird-like behavior at home and ventured to Mexico for an unspecified “video” bikini clad video shoot.


Looks like there will be plenty of T&A to go around on the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop NY.  More pics from Erica’s raunchy video shoot on the flip.

You’re welcome, fellas.

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