What’s Beef? The Corniest Slander Celebrities Have Thrown At Each Other

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Corniest Celebrity Insults Of All Time

Celebrities fight allll the damn time. When egos clash, these things get like that. Sometimes the insults are really clever and land well, but other times they are straight up corny. These slanderific moments are as corny and wack as possible.
Ray J Ray J's Hit It First - This was the biggest fail in the world. Okay, you banged Kimmy Cakes. You're still wack for this.
mc-hammer-16x9 MC Hammer - He made that struggle video after Jay-Z (correctly) pointed out how he went broke. The whole song and attack was weak.
mariah carey Mariah Carey - Mariah Carey dressed up like Eminem in her video to point out how he was a stalker. Um...okay.
NickCannonIn Nick Cannon - He had an equally corny rap song response to Eminem. Dude, just stop rapping.
eminem-gun-bang Eminem - He dissed Triumph The Comic Dog with a song impersonating him. Wait, what?
Cam'ron Cam'Ron - Remember when he stood in front of his struggle pool and made a home video dissing 50 Cent? Yeah, it was embarrassing.
50 Cent as Pimpin' Curly 50 Cent - He dissed Rick Ross by inventing some wack "Pimpin' Curly" gimmick that bombed like his last few albums.
K.Cole1 Keyshia Cole - She threw shade on Michelle during the Super Bowl and it just fell flat all the way, resulting in her getting blasted on Twitter.
jay-z-beyonce-brooklyn-nets-game-barclays-07-christal_rock Beyonce - That "Bow Down" song going back at Keyshia and them was all trash. And you know it.
rihanna-karrueche-diss-rice-cake Rihanna - She put up these rice cake pics to make fun of Karrueche...who was and is still chopping down Breezy. Too bad.

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