Sucker For Love: 9 Celebrity Men Who Played Themselves Or Got Played Over A Woman

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kim_kardashian_kris_humphries_engagementdinner_640 Men will make themselves look like "Boo Boo The Fool" over these females and celebrity men are no exception. Here are 9 celebrity men who got played over a female.
34641PCN_Kardashians Robert Kardashian Adrienne put his azz on blast on "The Real Talk Show." He wouldn't stop calling...he was a "bug-a-boo." Rita Ora played his azz to the left too that's why he went crazy and came for her head on Twitter. Don't worry Rob. It gets better.
Ice-T and Coco in Vegas Ice T Rapper AP. 9 had Coco's defected cakes on blast all over the Internet. Despite that, Ice is still rocking with Coco. He probably won't leave her until one of her azz cheeks deflate.
Nicki-Minaj-DJ-Khaled Dj Khaled This ninja bought a $500,000 ring and proposed on TV...why not in person or over the phone? Khaled looked like someone's creepy sugar daddy asking his sugar baby to marry him. Nicki said phuck this ninja and posted a pic of her real engagement ring on Twitter. Khlad you're phucked up in the game son.
kim_kardashian_kris_humphries_engagementdinner_640 Kris Humphries Kimmy Cakes kicked him to the curb after 72 days. He tried to get her to say their marriage was a fraud to the bitter end, but lost. Kris came off like a bitter little beyotch. She used him for publicity and kept it moving.
RihDrake2 Drake Drake almost got his head busted down to the white meat by Chris Breezy over Rihanna and got slapped with a lawsuit. He got to keep his coins, but that's a lot to go through when you're not even smashing the box anymore.
Gilbert Arenas Laura Govan Gilbert Arenas Laura possibly busting it wide open for Shaq had to be embarrassing. Shaq is one ugly mug. Once Shaq hits, who wants seconds on that?
1360970861_rihanna-chris-brown-tran-g Chris Brown Ri Ri kept spraying the ether on Chris Brown via Instagram and Twitter. Between the constant back and forth with rice cake and Ri Ri, dude let these females do a number on him. That's why he can't get right now.
jennifer lopez judd Cris Judd It was rumored J.Lo was chopping down Ben Affleck while messing with Cris. Oh well nice guys finish last.
twilight madrid 2 151112 Robert Pattinson Kristen just didn't give a damn. She was caught cuddling with a ninja in photos. She should have just did her dirty doggin' in private like normal people.

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