C-ERROR Taught Me: 7 Most Desperate Album Promo Gimmicks

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ciara Without blog-fueled hype or gimmicks, mainstream artists struggle to sell records in our ADD society where new albums are only a mouse click away. dj-khaled-proposes-to-nicki-minaj-with-10-karat-ring Here are the seven most desperate album promo gimmicks. Take a look.
ciara Ciara 2-CD Groupon bundle We don’t understand why CiCi won’t just retire and be a professional Zumba instructor but her new album (which is actually decent if you’re 12) recently flopped and is now available on Groupon. No, seriously. Poor C-Error. First this (which she denied was legit). ciara_KFC And now this career-ending Buy 1, Get 1 free Groupon bundle.
collage DJ Khaled’s creepy proposal to Nicki Minaj No, we still don’t know exactly what DJ Khaled does or what he’s the best of or why he still exists but his bizarre proposal to Nicki Minaj was clearly a publicity stunt for his upcoming new album “Suffering From Success.”
jayz_610x287 Jay-Z x Samsung “New Rules” campaign Hovvie Hov sold his soul to Samsung for 1 million exclusive downloads that weren’t so exclusive when the thriving company’s servers crashed and everyone BUT Samsung users got the album first.
collage1 SooWoo Jesus The Game sparked widespread outrage with Thug Life Jesus and eventually changed the boundary-pushing cover after pressure from the Roman Catholic Church. Note: Deluxe version of album has original cover.
nas Nas tries to name album “N****r” and fails You’ve reached a low point in your career as an artist when gimmicks are the ONLY way to get people to listen to your music. An album…titled “N****r”…in stores nationwide? Nas knew better.
081511-music-album-promo-lil-b-im-gay Lil’ B names album “I’m Gay (I’m Happy)” Everyone’s favorite special needs rapper boldly named his album “I’m Gay” despite not being gay. Only Lil’ B.
Busta_Rhymes_Year_Of_The_Dragon-front-large Busta Rhymes’ FREE album That awkward moment when you offer a FREE full-length album for download and no one (on Earth) cares.

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