Step Up: 7 Black Celebrities Who Get Told They Need To Do More For Black America

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Celebrities Told They Need To Do More For Black America

Right now more than ever celebrities are being told to step up and do more for the African-American community. We're sliding in all of the important categories and any help from those with clout is appreciated. Some don't do anything while others' contributions are overlooked in favor of the big news story. That's why there is a call for these people to do more. Take a look and see who we're talking about.
lil-wayne-threatens-fan-ice Lil Wayne - He gave money and dedicated songs after Katrina, but people still wanted him to do more for New Orleans instead of  going to live in Miami and rap about who knows what.
jay-z-brooklyn-nets Jay-Z - Harry Belafonte said he needs to do more and Jay thinks his presence as a reformed drug-dealer turned billionaire businessman and entertainer is charity enough. Hmmmm...
Bey left Beyonce - Harry B told her to step it up, too. We'll see what happens with that.
Michael Jordan PF Michael Jordan - He's always been criticized for not doing enough but he doesn't care.
Professor Cornell West and Senator Barack Obama Barack Obama - Despite how much he's been able to accomplish, he's endlessly criticized by many for allegedly turning his back on Black America when he got on.
??????????? Tiger Woods - People want him to at least acknowledge his Blackness...which he's hesitant to ever do.
Oprah-Winfrey-pf-378x414 Oprah - People acknowledge her contributions to Africa but some say she's not doing enough for African-Americans. Thoughts?

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