50 Cent Beats Million Dollar Suit and Rick Ross Releases “Mafia Music”

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50 just beat out his baby moms $50 million dollar suit, Bugsy is still hot on the heels of Officer Ross. Ross, despite the labels advice, has released his video, Mafia Music, today:

50’s lawyer, Brett Kimmel released a statement yesterday (February 5) applauding the court decision. “I just received word that 50’s motion for summary judgment has been granted,” Kimmel said. “Shaniqua Tompkin’s $50,000,000 lawsuit has been dismissed, in its entirety, with prejudice. Once again, justice prevails.” The former couple has been at odds since early last year when 50 won a court order to have Tompkins and his son removed from his Long Island mansion. When the property mysteriously burned down in a raging fire, both parties accused the other of arson. To date, both have multi-million dollar lawsuits against each other over the accusation. At press time, 50 Cent is continuing his media campaign against Miami rival Rick Ross, in preparation for the release of his long-awaited album Before I Self-Destruct.

50 Cent has no plans of backing down in his battle with Def Jam rapper Rick Ross. In an interview this morning with syndicated radio personality Big Boy, Fif hinted at releasing more damaging videos aimed at the Boss starring several of the Florida rapper’s Miami associates. Just like he did with Tia, the mother of Ross’ son William, the G-Unit head says he has plans for meeting Trick Daddy and Jacki-O to help in his quest to ending the Boss’ career. “With Jacki-O I spoke to her yesterday, she’s supposed to be flying out to come talk to me,” he told Big Boy. “Trick Daddy, it’s a lot of people out in Miami, they clear that that’s a fraud.” The Queens-bred MC says he did his “homework” on Ross and can’t wait to unleash his next move. “[Ross] was supposed to speak to Greg Street yesterday,” 50 claimed. “They stopped that phone call from happening. I’m like why, I need you to keep going so you can create an explanation for me delivering the next thing.“ While 50 claims that Def Jam put a gag order on Ross, the rapper released a video for “Mafia Music” today- the song that initially launched the beef. The clip shows Ross standing in front of a pool wearing a suit and gloves while carrying a large machine gun.

We can’t believe his baby moms whole damn case was thrown out.  On a side note…Trick Daddy? SMH

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  • Lush-Us Lipps (It Colder than a mofo in Chi)

    Bugsy is getting on my damn nerves! Grow up already!

  • Lush-Us Lipps (It Colder than a mofo in da Chi)

    oh my, am I at the head of the class…1st


    2nd and these bruthas are trippin


    I really wish this would stop. Seriously and what is sad about the whole thing is they are grown men.


    The whole situation with 50s and his baby’s mother is sad. I think his childs mother is getting too greedy and that’s obvious by the fact that the judge reduced her child support the last time they went in.

    The situation with 50 and Rick Ross is FUNNY AS HELL. I’m sure their albums will sell.

  • pm

    Good for 50 the judge saw through his hoodrat ass baby mama.

  • LB

    Top 10 Whatever the hael!!

  • Dame Beso

    Ooooh-Ooooh…..50’s lips arent dark like Jaime’s.

    I guess giving head doesnt have the same effect?

    Anywho….Wack Ross and 50 Shit…..

    In the words of Ross…

    “these niggas only trippin’ because they fin-nished”.

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!!


  • The Bear - "Someone will have to pay for the innocent blood that is shed everyday"

    This video is WHACK!!!!

    Wickitty, wickitty, WHACK!!!!

    But the track with John Legend sounds pretty good.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    @ Bossip,

    What the f8ck do you mean you cant believe 50’s babymomma’s sh*t was thrown out?

    1. $25g’s a month and she has the nerve to ask for $50?
    2. Ordered to leave a mansion and the sh*t all of a sudden burns down?
    3. broke ass n*gga and her family and friends living in that muthaf*cka on 50’s dime?
    4. Ghetto ass name (Shaniqua in english that sh*t translates into “guilty”)
    5. showing up for court in tight ass jeans, fur lined hoodie bomber jacket and f*cked up weave.
    6. Too stupid to realize how easy she has it.
    7. Ghetto ass name.
    8. Ghetto ass look.
    9. Ghetto ass b*tch.
    10. F*ckin’ ugly.

  • Kigali (Going to spike black females drinks with Birth Control pills)

    Shaniqua is so what black females have turned into. Ugg! Ghetto hair, name, weave, and busted. She thinks she is entitled to his shit. 50 needs to get custody of his child and send that bitch an application for KFC. They are always hiring.

  • acting black kNEGROCRACK-wack PUHLEEZE

    50 and his baby momma are ridiculous.

    I wonder how much he/she paid for their defense? Just when I thought he was a smart business man.

    She maybe a hoodrat, but she was with the bum when he didn’t have anything. 50 still aren’t ready for a Black President? I’ll never forgive him for saying that crap. He made promises to his baby mom, but once he blew up NO follow-through? I think the only person who benefitted from the fire was 50 he does get the insurance money…i dunno I can’t say I’m glad or sad for neither because ultimately the one who suffers is their innocent son. I hope they don’t think for one moment he doesn’t suffer from the stress of their break-up BS.

    Rick Ross no longer has legs to stand on. Fiddy was right on that account. I rarely listen to rap anymore and I damn sure don’t want to hear anything these fake phony no rapping perpertraitors’ have to say anymore. What is it Curtis are you NOT happy when other people aren’t suffering? Why don’t you start exposing some of these fake ass politicians and snake oil salesman fiddy?

    Masquerading, pathetic! You think your fans are beneath YOU like many other limited talent spoiled starlets. What you people fail to realize is people believe and buy your crap. Nothing last forever……………………………

  • Kigali (Going to spike black females drinks with Birth Control pills)

    @acting black,

    “She maybe a hoodrat, but she was with the bum when he didn’t have anything.”

    Yeah and he was with her when she didnt have anything and she still doesnt have shit. Why dont she get a job and give him so money. Thats the problem with black females today. You aint entitled to shit. Get over it. Get a job. Get a life. Get your own hair.

  • pm

    @Its6amHoGetOut,you forgot ghetto ass friends that first convinced her dumb ass it would be a good idea to go after more money.

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