The Three Faces of Weez

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Lil Wayne XXL Mag

Everyone’s favorite sex kitten Lil Wayne is featured on not one or two, but three covers on the January/February, Love/Hate issue of XXL Magazine.

A little swagger fug to go with your “early morning pick me up.”

Lil Wayne XXL Mag2Lil Wayne XXL Mag3

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  • Vanessa


  • Liz

    FIRST??? Yay!!

  • Vanessa

    yes!…anyways that nicca just gets uglier with time…im sure he doesnt care tho cuz hes ballin…and im sure any one of you niccas would trade places with him

  • Msbioed

    The lil swagger he might have had is a done deal with not 1 but all of these covers. Sorry Weezy, but I’m not feeling these pics. Now these could just be error in judgement on whomever thought these were the hottest shots. I’m just thinking with him taking notes on posing from Trey Songz, there had to be some better shots lol.

  • OpinionDistributor


  • DANA

    wow! the only problem i have with weezy is that he’s all about “show” he’ll say and do anything that he thiks will look cool or gangsta! i guess it’s because he’s been away from the streets so long he doesnt really know whats coll or gangsta. these poses and facial expressions AINT GAGNSTA! but i still love him though! :)

  • DANA


  • Axeldee
  • fuggie

    They are being sarcastic mj,they know he ugly as hell.

    All of those tats look dumb but I think his hair is nice.

    Is that his real hair? lol

  • Beeyah!

    he looks the same in each pic ?

  • Huey Newton

    Weasel F. Baby

  • bad

    He is a cuttie! It seems he is single again! His profile was found on millionaire dating site last week!

  • the truth


    that dude belongs to baby

  • My 2Cents

    If ugly was a major crime they would lock his fugly lil butt up for life…………..

  • MissDee

    All I have to say is EWWWWWWW… he’s a crispy fried mess! And he needs to get off of his own nuts, cause he ain’t that great!

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