Deceitful: Artists Who Make Smart Music But Sound Dumb When They Talk

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l hill

Artists Who Are Dumber Than Their Music

We love intelligent musicians. When they make the music they seem to be brilliant, but when the music stops and they start talking,  they sound a few brain cells short. It makes us sad.

These musicians make smart music but don’t sound like it when they talk.


Beyonce – She never sounds as intelligent as she does in her music. In fact, she usually comes off a bit ditzy. Don’t shoot the messenger.

l hill

Lauryn Hill – How can someone so potent be so out of control crazy when she talks?

Jay-Z 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' album release

Timbaland – His beats are brilliant but what the hell is he ever talking about?


Kanye West – Keep the activism to the music, dude.


Tyrese – His music is on point usually but those tweets…man those tweets.


Keyshia Cole – Stop tweeting, talking and functioning outside of the music.


Fantasia – Because, really…


Lil Wayne – His lyrics aren’t exactly scholarly but when he talks, stupidity happens.


Rihanna – Any one else cringe when she does those emotional interviews?


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