Turnt Up: Women Who Are Trying Too Hard To Be Fast

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Miley Cyrus performing at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' in Los Angeles

Women Who Are Trying To Seem Fast

Sometimes being a h*e is just a big act. Being a legit promiscuous woman involves sleeping around with men left and right, but some women pretend even though they don't even get it in like that in real life. For some reason, the being fast adds to their image in their minds. We know better, though. So take a look at these women who want us to think they're more h*e-y than they really are.
Lil Kim exits hotel after Lovebox no-show and is greeted by fans Lil Kim - She wanted the world to think she was banging dudes all the time but  at one point, Biggie was writing her lyrics and he was the only one she was getting it on with.
MileyCyrus Miley Cyrus - She's working so hard on that twerk stuff and rubbing up on chicks that we're supposed to believe she's getting it in. Doubtful.
Amanda Bynes appears in court in NYC charged with allegedly throwing a bong from her apartment window Amanda Bynes - The begging Drake to murder her vajayjay was a cry for help.
Nicki+Minaj+Pajamas+Intimates+Bodysuit+U_NwXvGJrl2l Nicki Minaj - She can rap about the menages all she wants but in real life,  she's faithful and probably tame.
Janet_Jackson_004 Janet Jackson - She always had that nasty Miss Jackson personality but apparently she was always really shy.
Missy+Elliot feat Missy Elliott - Her lyrics were always on some freak stuff but we all knew better.
ciara Ciara - People mistake her freak personality for a h*e one...but there's a distinct difference.
Trina Trina - All that stuff she talks is well and good but she's only had steady boyfriends. We get it for the rap persona but...meh.

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