Where Did The Love Go? 8 Celebrity Couples Who Had Nasty Divorces

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dish-032613-porsha-kordell-divorce Divorces are messy in general, but when you're a celebrity it's ten times worse. Here are 8 of the nastiest celebrity divorces of a time.
Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders Deion And Pilar Sanders Pilar didn't get custody of the kids, child support or alimony and the bish stole the family dog. Doesn't help that Deion is now smashing Tracey Edmond's cakes to smithereens.
tameka-usher-court-2 Tameka and Usher Usher freaked the bridesmaid and got custody of their children. Tameka also had to deal with the loss of her son Kile. R.I.P.
dish-032613-porsha-kordell-divorce Porsha and Kordell She found out about her divorce on Twitter and he locked her out the house. That's cold.
dwade-siovaughn DWade and Siohvaughn From "psycho" Siovaughn's homeless protests to the Gabrielle Union homewreckin' rumors, this has been hella messy.
heidi_klumseal2012-wide Heidi Klum and Seal This ugly swirl divorce had Seal accusing Heidi of busting it wide open for their bodyguard-- while still married. Swirl gone wrong.
kim_kardashian_kris_humphries_engagementdinner_640 Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian Kim put Kris through it. He would have given his left leg to get her to admit their marriage was a sham.
FILES-US-POLITICS-MEDIA Arnold Swarzenegger and Maria Shriver Arnold did a number on Maria during their marriage...poor thang always looked stressed out. This dude gave the maid a gut full of human.They may not be officially divorced, but it's just a matter of pulling that trigger.
chad ochocinco 240111 Evelyn and Chad Headbutt. One word says it all. It may have been a quick divorce, but it was super painful.

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