BOSSIP Catch Fade Exclusive: Did T.I. Pull A Knife On A Thug Who Got Too Close For Comfort In The Club?

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Apparently T.I. still hasn’t put thug life all the way behind him. While in DC with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz for the “America’s Most Wanted” tour, Tip lived up to the tour’s name by getting into a club brawl that could have resulted in a serious injury.


According to BOSSIP eyewitnesses at the club the rapper allegedly pulled a knife after being challenged by a club patron.

“We were at Park and apparently T.I. pulled a knife on some dudes that got too close in the club,” a source told BOSSIP. “I don’t know if he has security, but I saw a bunch of bouncers running downstairs and knew it was time to go. People told me he pulled out a knife in the open.”

So far nothing has been reported by mainstream media, but a few tweets corroborate our source’s story:

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 12.02.59 PM

Damn TIP…

You can take the thug out the streets but ya can’t take the streets out a thug apparently. So much for that “Cosby” image he worked so hard to rebuild.

Ironically, TIP was just telling our WGCI homie Loni Swain how he was trying to stay out of trouble on this tour:

SMH. Hopefully no charges will result from this altercation. You know “Troubleman” don’t want to go back to jail… AGAIN!


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