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Whoopi: Leave Mike Phelps Alone, I ‘ve Smoked Chronic Livesteez

The Biggest Boobs Ever F-Listed

Eva Mendez Wants To Be Taken Seriously Lossip

Halle and Nahla’s Day Out Bossip Throwback


  • Jamie Foxx's Hair Tint

    whoppie aint had to tell no body she smoke that dro.

    look at her.

    where are her eyebrows?

  • nubn

    who hasnt?

  • hello goodbye

    3rd..go whoopi!!

  • hello goodbye

    she is like the realest person on television..who cares if she said it? she clean now right?

  • Just Bored...

    I have not

    I love Whoopi, she is so real.

  • AA

    She is not pretty what so ever…

  • jjj / Proud Jamaican

    Yes leave Michael Phelps the hell alone! Dang…who hasn’t smoked weed? Who hasn’t done some regrettable things in their life? Stop being hypocrites after 15 minutes of fame.

  • Darkesthourglass

    Whoopi said she shaves her eyebrows because they itch when they grow in. Whoopi is the type that has done it all I’m sure.

  • nubn

    @Just Bored…
    you should

    you being bored and all…

  • noelle

    Dang. At least If you take drugs..take the most comforting kind.

  • noelle

    Crack is wack!

  • that one girl

    That came 2 no surprise 2 me. But micheal phelps little kids look up 2 that dude that’s why it’s such a big deal. But whatever he’s still getting paid and laid.

  • checkoutmymelody

    a lil weed never hurt nobody!

  • checkoutmymelody

    where’s my gravatar?

  • JillyBean819

    Damn, I thought that was Lil wayne at first. sorry, whoopi!!!

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