Swirl Gone Horribly Wrong: 9 Swirlin’ Couples Who Went Downhill

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naomi-campbell-nozze-con-vladimir-doronin-e1312720798566 These days everyone is down with the swirl. Sometimes it works and other times it goes horribly wrong. Here are 8 swirl couples who went downhill.
Tiger Elin2 Tiger Woods And Elin Nordegren Elin said, "no new beyotches ninja I don't feel that." That golf club upside the head messed up Tiger's golf game for a minute real talk.
Daphne Joy 50 Cent 50 Cent and Daphne Joy That swirl must have been good cause 50 allegedly put them paws on Daphne. What got 50 so hot? Daphne's lucky her house didn't get burned down like his other baby mama.
naomi-campbell-nozze-con-vladimir-doronin-e1312720798566 Naomi and Vlad Vlad dumped Naomi like a bad habit and kept it moving with her "The Face" protege Luo Zilin ... That's the definition of being stabbed in the back.
terrane howard Terrence Howard and Michelle Ghent Terrence is another ninja who allegedly put them paws on his ex-wifey, who tried to have him murked, and he left her with nothing. If she hated black men before, she sure hates them now.
rg3 RG3 and Meredith Barber It's all fun and games until ninjas get put on blast for getting some side becky on their wedding day and the peen pics come out.
trina-braxton-gabriel-solis Trina and Gabriel Between Gabriel slobbering down random beyothes and Trina's "oral transactions," this was a trainwreck to watch on TV.
khloe lamar mistress Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian You know things are bad when the mistress is telling people how, when and where she busted it open for your husband. Run Khloe.
halle berry Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry They weren't a couple when Gabriel got them paws put on him, but Cotdamn. Oliver Martinez's next role should be as a boxer.
carolynjasoncollins01-628x356 Jason Collins and Carolyn Moos She wasted seven years she can never get back loving a man who would go on to couch surf the talk show circuit as the NBA's prized first openly gay player. Poor thang.

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