Etta to Bey: Girl, I Was Just Playin’…Yo @ss Is Safe

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Etta is on that “juice” y’all. Now she’s saying that her plans to whoop Beyonce’s @ss for singing her song was just apart of her comedy routine:

Singer Etta James says she was only trying to get a laugh when she said she “can’t stand” Beyoncé and made fun of President Obama’s ears during a concert in Seattle.

James told the Daily News Thursday she meant no harm when she poked fun at the President and ripped Beyoncé for her performance of James’ hit “At Last” during the inauguration.

“I didn’t really mean anything,” James said. “Even as a little child, I’ve always had that comedian kind of attitude. … That’s probably what went into it.”

Still, James acknowledged being miffed she wasn’t invited to perform her signature song for Obama’s first dance with his wife on inauguration night.

James said she was “feeling left out of something that was basically mine, that I had done every time you look around.”

She said she liked Beyoncé’s performance, but when asked if she thought she could have done better, James answered, “I think so. That’s a shame to say that.”

James made the controversial comments before performing the song at a concert in Seattle last week. She began by saying of Obama, “You know your President, right? You know the one with the big ears?”

She went on to say about Beyoncé, “I tell you that woman he had singing for him, singing my song, she gonna get her ass whupped.”

James said Thursday she kept the insults rolling only because the crowd was laughing so hard, a reaction that can be heard on a recording.

“Nobody was getting mad at me in Seattle,” she said. “They were all laughing, and it was funny.”

She said the jokes were “not from a vicious place.”

James pointed out that she posed for a picture and spoke with Beyoncé last year before the premiere of “Cadillac Records,” in which the young singer portrays the 71-year-old legend.

As for Obama, James said she “always thought he was handsome and he was cool.”

“I still had my joke about him,” she said. “That might be horrible. The President might not ever like me in life.”

She questioned how upset Obama could possibly be about the barb: “He’s got other stuff [to worry about] besides Etta James.”

We all know that you meant that sh*t! Don’t try to back down now. A legend she is, but please know that President Obama has more to worry about than your geriatric antics.



  • elle

    damn! I had $25 on Etta beating that ass

  • Fantasia's Sweaty Armpits..LOL


  • dipset781

    Second Bitches!!!!!!!!!! LaPlace, Louisiana stand up!!!!!

  • pm

    get this old bitch some warm milk and a blanket

  • Re is excited to see GAMBIT in May. FINALLY!

    Yeah right. She did sound like she was trying to entertain the crowd, but clearly she wasn’t too pleased with that situation.

    I mean, if Etta was alive, why are you going to have someone ELSE sing it for her? It doesn’t really make sense in my mind. But whatever. Beyonce and nipples sung the song beautifully.

  • Known2Hustle

    Etta shut tha f^ck up! yo ass to old to fight anyway

  • Re is excited to see GAMBIT in May. FINALLY!


    LOL! Barney’s little sister’s blanket, you mean? What’s her name, Baby Bop?

  • Fantasia's Sweaty Armpits..LOL

    dipset, you aint 2nd, fall back to 3rd

  • renebug

    it was disrespectful for bey to volunteer the way she did to sing in the first place, so any drama she gets she deserves. i’d feel a ways too if i were her. i dont think etta shoulda had a movie made till she was dead tho. what if bey sang one of patti’s classics at the inauguration? patti woulda beat that azz for real.

  • chiney K


  • Soul Touch

    She’s wasn’t playing…just backtracking.

  • renebug

    the girl has no cooth. no morals. anybody coulda told her singing ettas song at such a historic event was a tad offensive. as much as bey longs for spotlight she should be sensitive to other divas that made a way for the new ones. it seems beys concern, as always, was her own shine. the day wasnt about her or etta.

  • Acacia

    Too old to be talking shit, too old to be lying about it.

  • ThAtLaDy22

    oooooooooooh maaaaaaaaaaaaaan this is rough on the eyes

  • shar

    Come on who wouldn’t be pissed if someone was messing with their pension. That song is Etta’s and old woman can be vicious.

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