Shady Doctor Adams: Dr. 90221

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Dr. Jan Adams

Dr. Jan Adams, who performed surgery on Dr. Dondra West before her death did not follow appropriate procedures and is not certified on the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Via TMZ:

Donda West’s operation lasted eight hours — twice as long as it should have. Dr. Jan Adams began the operation Friday morning and finished Friday evening. He then sent Ms. West home, rather than to a recovery center, which would have been appropriate. Several doctors at Centinela Hospital where West was taken believe the excessive amount of time it took to perform the procedure strongly suggests either something went wrong during the operation or the doctor was just too inexperienced.

What’s up with using this FUBU doctor? This sounds like a shady Dr. 90221.

Oh yeah, and this same doctor has been arrested a few time before, here is his mugshot:

Dr. Jan Adams Mug Shot


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