We Don’t Believe You: Women Who Lied About Being Mistresses

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Women Who Lied About Being Mistresses

Women see a ton of options when it comes to locking down a rich man. They try to get people to believe they're out here getting dirty dogged and getting men to cheat. But we know better. These broads be acting up, but the truth ain't letting them.
Leyla boat Leyla Ghobadi - She tried to convince people Kanye was blasting her mounds but that got dispelled really quickly.
Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 10.57.43 PM Apple J. - Someone tried to put her on blast as someone LeBron cheated on Savannah with. LeBron is too smart to blow that money, though.
jordan prom Michael Jordan's "Mistress" - She tried to get MJ for a paternity suit...but no way that was going to stick.
Demi_Moore_and_Ashton_Kutcher_TechCrunch50 Brittney Jones - She swore she and Ashton Kutcher had the real thing but...um...not so fast.
Michael G Kourtney Mason Michael Girgenti - He says he raw dogged Kourntey and the baby is his. Yeah, ok.
carters liv Liv - She really wants us to believe Jay stepped out on Bey for her? Really?
colin romanian Corin Cretu - She's really trying to put Colin Powell on blast like that? We know better.
denzel-washington1-500x327 Denzel's "Boos" - He's had to address divorce and cheating rumors because people just won't let him be great.
wizcheats1 This Jawn - Apparently someone hacked Wiz's account and sent her his number...we're gonna side with Wiz here.

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