Angry Bird Royce Airs Out Private Texts Bashing Baby Daddy Dwight Over Son’s Education, Says Lawyers Probably Call Him “N****r”!

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Why can’t this broad just keep her business to herself?!

Royce Reed Post Texts Slamming Dwight Howard Over Son’s Education

Either Royce is the messiest baller baby mama of all time, or she is really, really, dumb, could be both.

After making her fued with Dwight and baby mama #6 Christine Vest public earlier this week, the twerk-tastic Basketball “wife” posted a text convo with a friend where she claims that Dwight is trying to keep their son from going to “the best school”.

Royce on blast

Royce then goes on to justify her public outrage to the Twitter followers asking the reasonable question “Why the hell are you putting all your damn business on blast????”

Take a look at her responses on the flipper.

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