Camel-Faced Liar? Top 10 BIGGEST Jay Z Lies Part 2

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Jay-Z is widely-considered the G.O.A.T. with a God-like aura that blinds his flock from reality. Love/hate him, you have to admit that he’s one of the greatest liars in Hip-Hop history.

Here are ten more of Humpback Hov’s BIGGEST lies ever told. Take a look.


“Would’ve brought the Nets to Brooklyn for free/Except I made millions off it, you fawkin’ dweeb/I still own the building, I’m still keeping my seat” – “Open Letter”

Hov owned 0.5% of the Brooklyn Nets (not even a full percent) and currently 0.2% of the Barclays Center yet swears there would be no BROOKLYN Nets without him. Liiiiiiies.


“Fawk hashtags and retweets” – “Tom Ford”

June 13th.


July 13th, exactly one month later.


Hov be lyin.


“Obama said “Chill, you gonna get me impeached”/But you don’t need this isht anyway, chill with me on the beach” – “Open Letter”

You really believe Pres. Obama gave a chicken waffle-flavored damn about Hov & Bey’s Cuba Trip with the country buried in debt, sickos bombing innocent Americans and his approval rate falling? NAH.


“30’s the new 20” – “30 Something”

Things 57-year-old rappers say.


“.38 revolve like the sun round the earth” – “It’s Hot (Some Like It Hot)”

Fascinating, but see, the way science is set up…Earth revolves, the sun doesn’t (and never has).


“Young Hov!” – “Crazy In Love”

Like Morgan Freeman, Hov has been old our entire life.


“I sold it all, from cr@ck to opium” – Regrets

Lies only.


“A-1 credit, bought more cr@ck” – “Never Change”

Rawse selling dope straight off the iPhone. Hov purchasing dope with credit cards. Rappers be lyin.


“N***a I’m goin to Japan tomorrow…They got people waiting at the airport for 5 days like I’m a Beatle or something” – “I Did It My Way”

Lies only.


“Run up on Yeezy the wrong way, I might murk ya…” – “Otis”

HaHaaaa Hov you so crazy….

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