Struggle Music: 10 Great Artists Who Have Put Out Bad Albums

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Outkast - Album Launch Party Even the greats mess up...

10 Great Artists Who Have Put Out Bad Albums

No one has a perfect resume. Even the great artists put up stinkers. It's just a fact of life. For every classic, there's usually an album from someone that didn't quite connect. These artists are great, but they had a few mess ups. Take a look at the albums we try to forget happened.
jay-z-brooklyn-nets Jay-Z - Kingdom Come - Jigga's return album was the biggest overhyped disappointment of his career.
outkast8 Outkast - Idlewild - We pretend this album didn't exist...because it wasn't a real Outkast album. At least that's what we tell ourselves.
eminem-gun-bang Eminem - Encore - He was admittedly in a drug fit a the time so it wasn't Em's real self.
lil wayne rebirth Lil Wayne - Rebirth - The rock album? Naw, buddy.
130531-kanye-west-yeezus Kanye West - Yeezus - Yep. It was trash.
Beyonce 'Diva' video Beyonce - I Am...Sasha Fierce - She made an album about split personalities. Well all of our personalities thought it stunk.
2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards at Santa Monica Beach Common - Universal Mind Control - Common's worst album by far. Serena had him too preoccupied.
nopreg5 Mariah Carey - Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel - She was going through some things so when this album flopped we knew why.
Special Private Screening for the All-New Chapters of "TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET" R. Kelly - Double Up -Kellz has actually had a few dumpster fires in his day.

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