Slandered: The 10 Most Disrespected Rappers In The Game

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The 10 Most Disrespected Rappers In The Game

Some see Kendrick Lamar's calling out all of his peers as a sign of total disrespect. But it was a friendly invitation for everyone to step their games up. Don't get all sad. There's actual disrespect these rappers need to deal with out in the world. These 10 rappers get disrespected on the regular.
jcoleview J. Cole - He gets called soft, depressing and boring all at the same damn time.
wale-never Wale - He's catches endless slander. Remember when those broadcasters in Toronto couldn't even remember his name?
drake gushing over kanye Drake - For as popular as Drake is, he gets called soft and gets all those memes made about him all the time.
joe-budden-beard-2 Joe Budden - You just can't come back from crying on Love and Hip-Hop and having all that slander from your ex boos.
rick-ross-tattoo-646 Rick Ross - There's no coming back from that parole officer gig.
LL Cool J Dining Out At Madeo LL Cool J - He still wants to get called a rapper? Then he has to deal with the slander of "Accidental Racists."
Papoose Papoose - Pap has been a slander magnet since he hopped on that Summer Jam stage.
Mac-Miller12 Mac Miller - People hate on Mac and we're not totally sure why.
1151719-Consequence-Press-Photo-617x409 Consequence - It starts with the teeth and ends with the reality show shenanigans.
bow-wow1 Bow Wow - He may be the most slandered person in the world. Poor fella.

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