‘The Pirate’ Releases Statement on Dr. West

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Kanye’s good homie, John Legend, released the following statement today on Dr. West. This is not a laughing matter, please don’t bring back the suspect pirate jokes people.

“Dr. West wasn’t just the mother of a superstar. She was an accomplished, successful, beautiful woman in her own right,” Legend’s statement said. “She raised and nurtured a brilliant son with the strength and resilience to follow his dreams and to turn tragedy to triumph. I pray that he continues to stay strong during these trying times.”

Our prayers and best wishes go out to the West fam.



  • http://www.IStayConfused.com I Stay SMH

    can you atleast whisper them???

  • leave it be

    lmao @smh! i was all set to comment on how tragic this situation is, then i get here,and im laughing. when they come for my soul, i’m giving them your address

  • http://lacydpage.hi5.com lacyd

    You kind of can’t help but laugh. And not just at I Stay SMH. But can you imagine him saying that in that Pirate outfit. I’d be like, “What now?? Excuse me?? Aaaargh matey???”

  • gymo

    Those two idiots above have no sense of respect, some people are just retarded.

    My condolences to the West family.

  • Ur entitled to my opinion

    If you run a series of pirate pics you’re asking for a series of pirate jokes…Won’t make one but thought up a doosie after seeing that pic….Don’t think we should judge Dr. Jan till he’s actually been charged with a crime… we don’t know the facts folks and she was supposedly told to get a check-up with an internist… Don’t think this man should get the OJ treatment

  • and what...?
  • Secret

    Wow, it is beyond comprehension why this site continues to disrespect black folks in life as well as in death. I have to believe that the people who visit this site and run it are either retarded or just plain miserable. There is nothing and I mean nothing that is funny or humorous about someone’s mother dying.

  • http://triplerdeezeemadd.blogspot.com/ Deezee

    Yeah she is truly talented. I seen her perform No one and she sounded exactly like the radio. God definitely blessed her with a set of pipes.

    Have you guys seen Ja rules kid since they have grown, check em’ out here:


    Snatched the pics from Myspace.

  • Marv

    is jhon legend a but pirate?

  • http://www.sitfu.com sitfu

    No disrespect, but that pirate outfit is straight jokes. Y’all coulda’ used a more conservative pic to attach to his statement.


    Taking a Closer Look at the Stories Ignored by the Mainstrean Media

  • ChristinaFan

    Yea that picture of John was unnecessary and inappropriate for this particular topic…

  • leave it be

    um gymo, if you were refering to me…i was “laughing” at the comment before mine. not at the situation. you see i am a person who can walk and chew gum at the same time, therefore i can empathize with the current matter and take notice of the light-hearted things around me.

  • http://thebeatniks.blogspot.com Seattle Slim

    *sigh* Everybody is having a field day on this woman’s death. It’s sick…..

  • skuunkey9

    this is tragic

  • Ms 305

    Yall are so wrong for using those pics with this post. This is just in poor taste.

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