One Big (Rich) Happy Family

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The “big” Grammy festivities have started and it was on and poppin’ last night at the 2009 Grammy Salute To Industry Icons honoring Clive Davis at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.  Everyone who is anyone was there.

Okay…let’s go; Chris Brown, Rihanna, Diddy, David Banner, Missy Elliott, JHud, Leona Lewis, Estelle, Keyshia Cole, Jamie Foxx, LA Reid, Fantasia, Babyface and “they mommas” all up under the hood…









  • MWNY

    That looks nice.

  • noelle is suffering from Freudian slip!

    One big happy family?? Stop bragging about the ROC Jay:). Lol at my boo STILL pimping Chris!

  • well well

    kimora’s baby is gonna b cute

  • well well

    the body lang between breezy and rhi is saying something. rhi stop being so clingy!!!!!

  • noelle is suffering from Freudian slip!

    Damn, Diddy aint get busted for popping B.I.G yet..keep paying Shawn to cover you;-). You cannot pay off people FOREVER though. Nice stint on CSI!!!!!!

  • jasmine

    we can CLEARLY see thar Chris is not feeling rihanna no more. Look at her all up on him. bitch pliz, NEXT!

  • He's my ROC

    Rihanna is so damn clingy let the damn man breath..

    Love her though..

  • jayjay

    whit is starting to look real old.

  • Peekaboo

    @Well Well thinkn the EXACT same thing. Let that young man breathe. There is nothing more unattractive to a man then 2b clingy. Not feeling all the tattoos in these dresses. J-Hud is beautiful.

  • jayjay

    oh and rihanna please do us all a favor and cover ur forehead again. thank you.

  • Peekaboo

    LOL @ Kimora being in the way of her men trying 2 take a pic.

  • nubn

    Dijiom looks like he is standing by for pics. it looks like BDR and Kimora were having dinner

  • Ciara - Never Ever : Available on iTunes Now

    Djimon > Russell

  • He's my ROC

    I did’nt realize katy-perry boobs was so big!?!

    And a BIG NO NO to Missy look

  • james

    kimora and her 5 chins are glowing!

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