EYE Seeee You: 10 Celebs With Wonky Eyes

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1363603820_Forest-Whitaker Most physical flaws are easily fixable with cosmetic surgery but a wonky, lazy or wandering eye? You’re on your own with only one option: Wear shades at all times, everywhere, forever, to avoid a lifetime of slander faced by the famously-flawed celebs on this list. musiq Here are ten celebs with famously-wonky eyes. 
1363603820_Forest-Whitaker Forest Whitaker All its life, his wonked-out eye had-ta fight before his rise to mainstream Hollywood stardom.
are you that somebody Aaliyah Most folks live in denial about the beloved R&B starlet’s lazy eye but it was very real and always hidden behind her iconic swoop.
musiq Musiq Soulchild The musically-incredible Soulstar was so self-conscious about his eye wonkiness that he performed in a dimly-lit venue in shades and fell smooth off the stage. True story.
Big Biggie Being fat, ugly and cock-eyeded as ever never stopped the legendary MC from smashing beautiful women and rocking the NY Hip-Hop crown before his tragic death.
bernie_mac Bernie Mac The legendary funny man's disrespectful eye never held him back from being one of the funniest (and most quoted) comedians of his time. 
tracy-mcgrady-spurs Tracy McGrady Most struggle rappers have tried to rhyme “McGrady” with “lazy” at some point during their career which is both sad and hilarious. Most iconic wonky eye on this list? It's possible. 
Dee-bo Tiny “Deebo” Lister The monstrous actor is one of those wonky-eyed people who always see both sides of any argument but you’d never say this to his face.
lenny Lenny Kravitz Shades or not, he could still take most women away from their man with his low-key lazy eye glistening in the sun. 
Stuart Stuart Scott The "hippity-hop" SportsCenter anchor wears the most shiny, bedazzled, high-end frames on his glasses to distract viewers from his eye. But we still see it. Over......there. Chillin. 
thom-yorke-eye Thom Yorke The frontman of your favorite rapper's favorite band Radiohead is known for two things: timeless, often sampled music and that...eye. Whoa. Photo credits: Topsy, NBA.com, IMDB.com, ABC.com & moviepilot. com.

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