Ugly Splits: Broken Up Couples Who Hate Each Other

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Broken Up Couples Who Hate Each Other

Break-ups are difficult. Usually it takes a while before ex-couples can become cordial or social again. And other times they never get to that point, staying enemies forever. These couples stay enemies after break ups and they’ll probably stay that way.

See if they’ll get it together.

"Siovaughn Wade and Dwyane Wade"

Dwyane Wade and Siovaugn – She kidnapped his damn kids. There’s no turning back from that.

usher and tameka

Usher and Tameka – They fight over the kids and she throws shade at him on the regular.

ray and kim

Ray J and Kim K – Things will probably never be good between them after “I Hit It First.”


Scrappy and Erica – Things fell apart and now they’ve taken it to the reality shows.


Dwight and Royce – Dwight and his deadbeat dads ways aren’t sitting well with Royce.


Tiger and Elin – You dirty dog like he did and things are determined to fall apart.


Kanye and Amber – He started trying to put her business out for the world to see on his albums and she stopped messing with him and ended up moving on to Wiz.


Kris and Kim – The went to court for a while over their divorce and it seemed like it would never end.


Christina Milian and The Dream – They’ve been nicer to each other for their daughter, but there’s still some shade between them.

chris rihanna

Chris Brown and Rihanna – They had an incredibly rough break up after all that hubbub to get back together. Womp.


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