Hold Up Ho: Kimmy Cakes Shades The ENTIRE Fawk Out Of Katie Couric On Instagram For Dissing Her – “I Hate Fake Media Friends”

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Kim gives Katie Couric a ‘ho sit down’ in the worst way..

Kim Kardashian Blasts Katie Couric For Sending Baby Gift After Insulting Her

Kim Kardashian’s new found mommy-hood has apparently brought out her inner gangstaboo without a doubt.

Long-time news journalist turned day-time talk show host Katie Couric has made comments on more than one occasion directed towards Kimmy Cakes and her overnight celebrity status and exactly why it exists.

Accordin to E! Online, Katie was quoted in In Touch magazine as saying “I don’t understand—why are they so famous?” Which she shortly followed with “I think it’s mostly teenage girls that are interested.”

Well, despite the fact that Kim had been pretty much hibernating with her newborn daughter up until yesterday, she’s definitely been paying attention and had some not-so-friendly words for Katie upon receiving a baby gift sent by the babbling journalist.

Hit the flip to see exactly how Kim aired Katie out for fakin’ the friendly funk…


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