Nuggets Baller Ty Lawson And Bad Girls Club Boo Thang Ashley King Say Domestic Violence Arrest Was A “Misunderstanding”

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Ty Lawson Domestic violence

Ty, that’s one hell of a misunderstanding.

Ty Lawson And Girlfriend Say Arrest Was A Misunderstanding

According to TMZ

Denver Nuggets player Ty Lawson and his girlfriend say their domestic violence arrests this past weekend were a GIANT misunderstanding — and they’re still together.

Ty and “Bad Girls Club” star Ashley King spent 3 days in jail after being arrested Saturday morning for domestic violence, stemming from a fight at Ty’s Denver home.

Now sources close to the couple tell TMZ … they simply had a bad night and the arrest was a misunderstanding. They are back at home, still together and focused on moving forward.

Ty and Ashley are due back in court Friday for their arraignment — when they’re hoping to put the entire case behind them.

Sorry, ya’ll need more people.

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