Itty Bitties: 10 Men Rumored To Have Small Members

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Men Accused Of Being Not Well-Endowed

The risk of getting it on with a total stranger is they'll put your business on blast in the worst way possible. If you don't come correct, then these women will let the world know if you're slacking. These men have had their business put on blast and accused of having tiny little junk. Damn. Hate it had to be them.
Allen Iverson Allen Iverson - One groupie said his member was "small and ashy"...damn.
Karlie-Redd-and-Benzino Benzino - Groupies just besmirched his junk...maybe it's all the ster- nevermind.
eminem-gun-bang Eminem - Kim said he didn't have the goods...but we all know she has some sour grapes.
demi_moore_and_ashton_kutcher_techcrunch50-e1351793264116 Ashton Kutcher - When he got with Demi Moore, Brittney Murphy said that size must not matter to Demi. Ouch.
jeezy gourmet Young Jeezy - Groupie tales came and said that Jeezy was wack in bed and didn't have much to offer.
Ben-Affleck-Argo Ben Affleck - Michael Clark Duncan said he saw Ben's pecker and that it wasn't anything special. Every word in that sentence was bizarre.
Brad Pitt Brad Pitt - His ex Juliette Lewis said sleeping with Pitt in the 90s was "no big deal"...we see what she did there.
Lee Daniels’ The Butler Premiere Russell Simmons - Superhead said he was tiny and we always can trust her word.
nas-600-1374002053 Nas - Superhead also said he wasn't working with much. Superhead sure has a lot of info on this, huh?

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