Horrible Bosses: 9 Celebrities Accused Of Treating Their Employees Badly

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Paula-Deen-racist-uses-N-word Working for celebrities can be tough. Some are gracious like the Carters, who reportedly give their employees big bonuses, and others can be a nightmare. Here are 9 celebrities who allegedly treat their employees badly.
janet-jackson-and-wisssam-al-mana Wissam Al Mana He fired a female employee for reporting that a male co-worker had forced sex with her.
skyfall premiere 13 231012 Naomi Campbell She busted her housekeeper upside the head with her cellphone.
2004 World Music Awards - After Party Vanessa Bryant The Bryants' maid sued Vanessa claiming she verbally abused her by calling her slow and lazy. She even accused Vanessa of trying to make her retrieve a price tag in dog isht.
foxybrownbeatdown Foxy Brown She bailed on her hairstylist's $900 hair weave bill.
diddy Diddy Diddy's unpaid intern is so pissed she's suing for having to answer phones and get coffee.
Paula-Deen-racist-uses-N-word Paula Deen The lawsuit against her was dismissed, but numerous employees came forward about her mistreatment. You can't forget someone saying the N-word.
Lady-Gaga Lady Gaga One of her former employees sued her for $400,000 in unpaid over time wages.
lil-wayne-drinking-syrup Lil' Wayne Torion Sellers sued Lil Wanye for signing him to YMCMB when he was 13 and still not letting him release an album.
screen-shot-2013-07-26-at-8-00-28-am Rihanna An alleged member of her staff recently said she's been a total beyotch to work with since her break up with Breezy. She accused Rih-Rih of making outrageous demands, always being slizzard and never saying please or thank you.
GRamsay Chef Gordon Ramsay Another celebrity sued by employees for unpaid wages.

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