Poor Babies: Most Cheated-On Women Of All Time

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Most Cheated-On Celebrities Of all Time

Getting cheated on once is bad enough...but when someone gets cheated on so often it's a habit or something, then things get really sad. We're not sure what it is about these ladies but they seem to be cheat magnets. Poor ladies...let's help them find good men.
'An Unforgettable Evening' in Beverly Hills Vanessa Bryant - Kobe allegedly has been with triple digits behind her back including the big one in Colorado.
lamar-khloe-jennifer Khloe Kardashian - Lamar apparently cheated on her 150 times.
hillary-bill-clinton Hillary Clinton - Billy Clint has dirty dogged her for years and never looked back.
jfk Jackie Kennedy - JFK gave no effs about keeping any affair secrets and Jackie felt the pain.
elin-nordegren-e1355247759552 Elin Nordegren - She got totally dirty dogged by Tiger until Elin couldn't take it anymore.
michael-jordan-juanita-jordan Juanita Jordan - Juanita got dirty dogged through the entire 90s by MJ. At least she got some guap from it.
halle-berry-men-eric-benet-e1302612790708 Halle Berry - She's too fine to have been cheated on that many times...she just won't learn.
wenn187517 Kim Porter - Diddy has never been faithful to her, has he?
rasheeda-smashing-lil-scrappy Rasheeda -Kirk put his own cheating on blast and is sort of proud of it. Sheesh.

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