Swagger Jackers: White People Most Famous For “Stealing” Black Culture

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Justin Timberlake Cornrows

White Celebrities Accused Of Stealing Black Culture

Stealing from Black culture isn't anything new. Everyone from Elvis all the way back to Alexander the Great have been stealing from the culture. Back in the day, it wasn't met with so much resistance but people have smartened up now. Just look at these White celebrities who have been accused of jacking Black culture from the beginning.
Mileypop Miley Cyrus - She's using this twerk stuff to make herself popular...but it's all struggle.
timberlake-charlie-pharrell Justin Timberlake - He's been accused of jacking the culture since the 90s and his braids and throwing Janet Jackson under the bus don't help.
Elvis Christmas Tree Elvis - He's the OG culture jacker and we've learned our lesson since.
RiFFRaFFhot97 Riff Raff - He's just a coon making fun of Hip-Hop and everyone knows it.
New Kids On the Block Concert Cruise New Kids On The Block -They were pulled in as White replacements of New Edition to appeal to White audiences. They literally were stealing the audience.
vanilla-ice-suge-knight Vanilla Ice - He was a fake a$$ MC Hammer and everyone knew it.
snowcakes2 Iggy Azalea - She's twerking and rapping and chopping down rappers. The slander is coming her way.
eminem-gun-bang Eminem - He was accused of being just another White rapper trying to be Black...but we all learned better pretty soon.
o-JUSTIN-BIEBER-570 Justin Bieber - He really wants to be in Young Money, rock bandanas and chop down Black women. SMH, look at this kid.

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