Price Of Fame: 10 Ex-Child Stars Gone WILD [Photo Gallery]

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BSpuJbsCUAA3wN6 Fame is the ultimate gift/curse, especially for child stars forced to grow up faster than most in today's soul-draining entertainment industry. Stripped of a childhood and identity, their entire career is mostly a countdown to their downward spiral into drug abuse, criminal behavior or awkward struggle twerks on national TV. top1 Here are ten ex-child stars gone wild. Take a look.
collage Miley Cyrus Somewhereinamerica, the squeaky clean Disney star-turned-struggle twerk princess is proudly p-popping off beat. Official spoiled milk mascot? No question.
collage2 Chris Brown He was G-Rated, wholesome and safe then everything went LEFT. How? Why? No one really knows, but he's an angry pimple on the face of R&B in 2013.
bieb Justin Bieber The teeny-bop heart throb evolved into a Stage 3 hoodrat with an unhealthy 2pac obsession that fuels his Canadian "thug life"/attention-thirsty behavior.
collage4 Jaimee Foxworth Famous for her role as "Judy Winslow" on 'Family Matters,' she struggled to break into Hollyweird and eventually fell into the freaky flick industry as "Crave." Heartbreaking.
collage5 Amanda Bynes The talented young actress was Nickelodeon's shining star before live-tweeting her mental breakdown and being locked away in an insane asylum...for now.
collage6 Orlando Brown The troubled ex-Disney star played Raven's best male friend "Eddie Thomas" on 'That's So Raven' then spent the next several years in and out of jail for various crimes. SMH.
collage8 Selena Gomez Before sipping from ex-boo Justin Bieber's double cup and sharing her hilarious struggle twerks with the world, she was an adorable Disney star with millions of young female fans.
collage9 Vanessa Hudgens She's the last of the three Disney stars gone wild who traded her wholesome allure for the filthy anti-Disney image as seen in "Spring Breakers."
collage11 Lindsay Lohan The jail-addicted cautionary tale had the fame and fortune that so many dream of and lost it all after a series of terrible decisions mixed with drug abuse.
last Macaulay Culkin The legendary child actor best known as "Kevin McAllister" in 'Home Alone 1 & 2' enjoyed mega-success before shriveling into a druggy freakshow who struggled with various addictions. Photo credits: Topsy &

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