Knocked Out: 10 Rapper Fades We Wish We Could Have Seen

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Rappers Who Got Knocked Out

Rappers are always scuffing. It's just part of the territory we guess. Whenever there's a rapper feud, there's always a fight. And when there's a fight, someone catches the fade. Unfortunately, we don't always get to enjoy seeing the carnage. Here are some rapper fights we never got to see but we heard about.
diddy Cole again J. Cole and Diddy - They had a scuffle this past weekend that they played down...but we want to see the footage!
Lil Flip T.I. and Lil Flip - They had a huge fight in a parking lot between their crews where both rappers caught fades but no one saw it.
Drake-Chris-Brown1 Chris Brown and Drake - They threw all sorts of bottles and sissy slaps at each other. Wackest fight ever.
chris-brown-frank-ocean-590kc062011 Chris Brown and Frank Ocean - Rumor is Frank's people put their hands on Breezy. Nice.
mase Mase - Rumor has it either Ghostface or one of Ghostface's goons knocked him out and wired his jaw.
yung-berg-autobot-chain1 Yung Berg - He caught the fade and got knocked out for his chain.
50-cent-ja-rule 50 Cent - Apparently Fiddy got stabbed by his enemy Ja Rule as their feud was kicking in.
suge knight Suge Knight - He caught the monster fade and was laid out. We saw him passed out but not the actual video.
vanilla-ice-suge-knight Vanilla Ice - He got knocked out by Suge back in the 90s and the rumor is he signed off his publishing because of it.

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