808s And Heartbreak: The Worst Kardashian Break-Ups Of All Time

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Worst Kardashian Break-Ups Of All Time

The Kardashians have the worst luck when it comes to dating. But let's not get it twisted, some of it may be their own faults. Whatever the case, whenever a Kardashian is involved you can almost guarantee things will go wrong. Don't get mad at us...we're just the messengers.
khloe lamar Khloe and Lamar - Lamar fled the marriage and got himself on an alleged crack binge mid-marriage. Doesn't get much uglier than that.
Khloe Rashad Khloe and Rashad McCants - He cheated and she dumped him...but he also said the whole relationship was staged for her reality show.
kim Reggie and Kim - Reggie cheated on Kim but also accused her of having slore-y ways.
KimKris Kim and Kris - They were married for 72 days then had a nasty divorce that led to a messy court case.
ray and kim Kim and Ray J - Welp..."I Hit It First" is all you need to know.
damon thomas kim kardashian Kim and Damon - Remember him? Kim's first ex-husband. Yep. Ugly break.
rita-rob-whisky-mist Rob and Rita - He said she was getting plowed by 20 guys while they dated...then he gained 40 pounds after the split. Damn.
adrienne bailon rob kardashian Rob and Adrienne - She got his name tattooed on her back then had to get it removed. Yikes.
KimKrisJ2 Kris and Rob - Kris Jenner apparently threw a frying pan at her ex-husband...and his widow blasted her for her crazy ways.

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