No Photos, Please! 10 Celebs With Famously Bad Skin [Photo Gallery]

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ak It's rough out here for entertainers with struggly, pimply or Freddy Kruegery skin. If it's not paparazzos jumping out of bushes, it's fans ambushing them and requesting pics in a world where ALL eyes are ALWAYS on their imperfections. Here are ten celebs with famously bad skin. Take a look.
ak2 Alicia (Off) Keys
michael-acne Michael Jackson
aw Amy Winehouse
kw Kerry Washington
dennis-rodman Dennis Rodman
katy Katy Perry
lf Laurence Fishburne
Victoria-Beckham-Bad-skin Victoria Beckham
Britney-Spears Britney Spears
rl Ray Liotta Photo credit: Topsy, Flickr & Warner Bros.

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