Keyshia Cole’s Diva-esque Behavior

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Word is buzzing around that Keyshia Cole has been displaying some diva like tendencies while on tour with the Pied Piper, J. Holiday, and Ne-Yo. It is being said that she was acting bitchy and demanding that she go on stage right before R. Kelly since she has more hits than Ne-Yo and throwing a tantrum for not having big enough dressing room space in Columbus, GA. As a result, she did not perform.

As one of the proclaimed around the way girls industry, we are surprised at Keyshia.


  • kdogg

    Is she important somehow?


    She ain’t the only one. That’s how they do.

  • Ur entitled to my opinion

    “BALTIMORE!!!!”……Where am I at? They told me this was the Bobby Brown post so I could come in here and embarrass myself…..DAYUM

  • Ms 305

    She better stop before she ends up back in the block in Oakland. Being extra is not necessary she better just go on the stage and sing. Oh, she has more hits than NeYo?

  • b

    tell her to be in the game for longer than 5 years then she maybe able to start acting like a diva. she barely has 2 albums out.

  • brinab

    whoops looks like afternoon!

  • JawJa Swag

    alrite……..Ke Ke lets not get carried away now……

  • Say What?

    LOL @ Keyshia thinking she had more talent than Ne-Yo. Yeah Right.

    Sit Down Keyshia.

  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    Success tends to go to some folks head, but she will learn. Enough cancellations and it will hit her where it hurts, in her pockets.

  • Richard

    She should not be opening for Ne-Yo. The girl gotta stand up fpr herself.

    I’m sure it’s all overblown.

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive?

    so she’s a diva. love the dress!

  • Miss Kris

    She ain’t got more hits than Ne-yo, because he has more song-writing creds than she EVER had hits! Trust!

  • I Stay SMH

    yeah right

  • I Stay SMH

    She better take a Kels specialty Golden Shower THEn demand some shyt

  • dani

    I agree you do have to get what’s yours and be agressive however Keyshia can be kinda rude it is unecessary. i don’t know about these diva antiques this could be I’ve seen how she acts in interviews..she can be rude..that’s all i’m saying..respect Keyshia but she will never get far with her attitude.

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