Blast From the Past: Force MD’s

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Force MD’s

Two members of the Force MD’s attended the Alicia Keys and MBK Entertainment/J Records Celebrate the Release of “As I Am” event last night in NYC and now that “Love is a House” song will not stop playing in my head.

View more images from that event under the hood…

Alicia Keys Kerry “Krucial” BrothersMom Terri and Krucial BrothersAlicia Keys DJ EQ talib KweliHeather B

Johm Mayer Talib KweliSwizz BeatzAlicia Keys Kerry “Krucial” Brothers2


  • Say What?

    well it looks like Alicia showed up to one of her events last night

  • D.P.B

    why my man tie tucked in his drawls?

  • Karee

    they used to sing “Tender Love”….aww that used to be my jam!

  • Bahama Mama

    i had thought dude in the yella was DMX….DAMN i’m sleepy….

  • Good 'n Thick

    why my man tie tucked in his drawls?

    *goes back for second look* Hell Naw!! also notices his partner’s crusty ass hands. falls the fugg out… Jesus be some Aveeno…

  • stan-b-gone

    i want to have john mayer’s baby! i love him!

  • I Stay SMH


  • SoSoDef

    Heather B looks like a cartoon character!

  • UptownGirl

    I guess AKeys don’t get it from her mama.

  • Say What?

    Is Heather B sick? Usually when someone’s face is that big it’s because of taking med’s.

  • weezy

    Wow, A Keys actually stepping out with her boyfriend


    One of the baddest groups in the game back in the day. Force MD’s. “Love Is A House,” “Tender Love.”

    Force MD’s will be forever one of my favorite groups talk about sangin?! Shiiiit. Whaddup Stevie D & Jessie Lee. Rest In Peace, T.C. & Mercury.

  • sitfu

    I still got em on tape. Classic music. Good to see em’ in good health and still in the mix.

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  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    Alicia looks real good, she could fall back off of some of that make-up, but she looks nice. If her relationship with Krucial is “straight” up, they make a nice looking couple. Glad to see them stepping out.

  • Blacksmith

    Alicia looks good, Swizz looking good in that outfit. Nice to see him with his ‘grown man’ on.

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