Throwing Hands: 10 Rappers Who Could Actually Beat Your A$$

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Rapper Clifford "T.I." Harris poses for a portrait while promoting the show "T.I.'s Road To Redemption" in New York

Rappers Known To Be Good Fighters

Most rappers just go around talking ish and not being able to back it up. They’re mostly soft wanksters. But some rappers are able to throw hands and actually knock someone out. These 10 MCs are official with the hands and you don’t want to cross them.

Click through and watch what you say…


Jay-Z – Jigga has been taking some boxing lessons for the last decade so he knows how to throw hands. And remember what he did to Un?


Ghostface – Ghost is notorious for knocking cats out back before his Wu days…right Mase?

KRS-One homeless

KRS-One – He’s a big guy and is supposed to have been throwing hands dating back to the 80s.


T.I. – He’s small but he’s known as a great boxer. Don’t underestimate him.

LL Cool J Dining Out At Madeo

LL Cool J – He knocked out a burglar just a few months ago…


Gunplay – He went knuckle up on a G-Unit gang all by himself. Don’t come at Gunplay.

Former G-Unit rapper Young Buck to serve 18 months for gun possession

Young Buck – He’s one of the illest fighters around and he even allegedly stabbed a guy for Dre.


Fat Joe – He’s been known as a big time bully knocking people out for years.


Diddy – He’s apparently nice with it…ask Jermaine.


DMX – Earl is known for his attitude and ways. Don’t come at him.


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