Anthony Weiner Explodes On Jewish Voter After He Puts His Dirty Dog Sexting Ways On Blast “Go Visit Your Rabbi!”

Anthony Weiner still ain’t isht…

Anthony Weiner Fights Jewish Voter

Via HuffPo reports:

New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner got into a heated exchange with a voter on Wednesday.

A video of the exchange was posted to YouTube by user jacob kornbluh, who notes that the exchange took place “during campaign stop in Borough Park.”

“You wait until I walk out to say anything? That’s courage. That’s courage,” Weiner says at the start of the video, yelling into the business he’s seen leaving.

After he’s approached by the man from inside the business, Weiner gets defensive.

“What rabbi taught you you’re my judge?” Weiner repeatedly says to the man, who is Jewish.

“You’re fine,” the man says. “You talk to God and work out your problems, but stay out of the public eye.”

“Go visit with your rabbi,” Weiner says during the exchange that follows.

“Your ignorance is being shown to the entire world,” Weiner continues.

Nothing than having an angry Weiner waving in your face.


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