Put On Blast: Staff At Journeys Retail Store Stage Walk Out, Air Out Abusive Boss In Resignation Note

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These people told their boss where to stick it.

Staff Walks Out Of Clothes Store

These people did what millions of people would love to do: tell their boss about their azz.

According to Mail Online

Three employees of a clothes store have walked out at once – and publicly shared their thoughts on their boss, ‘Jamie’, for all to see.

Niki, Jess and TJ left no one to man the Journeys clothes and shoe shop in Rochester’s Market Place Mall, New York, when they made the pact to leave.

So they closed the shop front and stuck up a big letter for their boss ‘Jamie’ on the security railings explaining exactly why they had left.

They start by apparently quoting the boss, who they claim said ‘cancer is not an excuse’ and go on to explain that he swears at the staff ‘all the time’.

‘This is why you can’t keep a store manager for more than a year,’ they write.

The ex-employees claim Jamie abuses his position in his superior role and is abusive to staff, and for all of these reasons he has now lost a store manager, co-manager and key-holder, they point out.

And it’s also a peak time for the shop since it’s the busy back-to-school period.

‘Think next time you treat people the way you do. We aren’t allowing it any more,’ the former workers sign off.

Picked up by gawker.com, the news service also points out that the icing on the cake in this story of justice is that shops are fined $500 for each day of unannounced closure.

It is not known however, if this Journeys store was fined or not. A member of staff at Journeys, in Rochester’s Market Mall told the Mail Online the store was open today but said she was unable to comment on the employees’ resignations.
No one at the clothing and shoe company’s media team was immediately available for comment.

Makes aint isht bosses think twice about mistreating their employees.

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