“Young” Hov? A Gallery Of Jay Z’s Most Awkward Elderly Rapper Moments

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811 Hovvie Hov is the most relevant 43-year-old rapper in Hip-Hop history but his age is definitely starting to show, especially in photos where he's doing everyday things with his superstar wife and angry baby. In an industry where image (and age) is everything, it's fascinating to see his evolution into the "elderly rapper" who refuses to pass the torch and sit his old a$$ down somewhere. Here's a photo gallery of Humpback Hov's most awkward elderly rapper moments. Take a look.
BTazkS4CAAA23dx Hov looking every shade of gray and ALL of 43 while belly flopping into the water with Bey Bey.
Jay-Z-Riding-A-Bike Hov struggling to ride a 10-speed bike.
EE9D16A59239AA442C4AF77B32FD0 Hov: "Why won't this isht take pics?! *shakes camera* Beyonce:"Babe, the cap's still on" Hov: "Oh...you right"
top Hov vs. Blue. And Hov losing.
jay-z Hov awkwardly throwing a football.
130704-jay-z-magna-carta-holy-grail-leak Old rapper, young pretty tender problems.
Jay-Z-Drake '60s baby with shirt tucked in. '80s baby.
drunkuncle Hov, the old drunk uncle of Hip-Hop?
811 Hov vs. Blue...again. Blue wins again.
hovball C'mon, bruh...
tumblr_m6yivoOdFB1qzy531o1_500 "Young" Hov? NEW rules? Nah. Photo credits: Topsy, Twitter & Splash

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