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india-aries-performs Feb 09

India Arie’s album release party went down last night in NYC. Good music isn’t as lucrative as it used to be, but it’s great to see folks like India still getting it in. Speaking of under-payed talent, Talib Kweli took the stage last night at the Rush Philanthropic Art Foundation’s 2009 Gold Rush Award to support the arts in New York City. More pics of these two events after the jump.

 India Arie album release party india-aries-performs Feb 09.2 India Arie's performs at her album release party




  • Re is excited to see Gambit in May. Finally!

    Is it wrong that I though that was Serena Williams?

    • Miss Peaches

      I always thought her and Serena looked simular

  • Re is excited to see Gambit in May. Finally!

    though (spell check)

  • Sickofitt!

    What’s with the blue on her chinny chin chin

  • Colonel StinkMeaner


    Yes RE… is wrong. LOL



    When did she cut her hair?



    So are you saying all black ppl look the alike?

  • Pimpin Willie Dynamite Supertight (Favor Gonna Kill You Faster Then A Bullet)


  • Re is excited to see Gambit in May. Finally!

    @Nikki Underwood

    No…I’m saying in this photo, India Arie bears some resemblance to Serena Williams

    @Colonel Stinkmeaner
    Lol, hey boo…


    So what youre saying is some black ppl look alike?

  • GGooDie

    The blue on chinny chin chin is some type of African design used by tribes who have not been ‘civilized’ at this point in time.

    She is very pretty. So true about under-payed attention Bossip. Can’t wait to get her album.

  • The Grundle

    Man she looks like a contestant on RuPaul’s “Drag Race.” India, quit with the silly makeup and hair. Try a leotard and a weave next time. You don’t want to end up like Des’ree now do you?

  • Colonel StinkMeaner

    Hey babe. How are you doing today?


    Talib is gettin old……………………..

  • Miss Know It All

    You guys are idiot….She is not her hair….she is the soul that lives within….damn she makes great music she just isnt shakkin her ass to promote it



    Re doesnt love me anymore….Im sad…..

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