ALL CAPS Everything: Top 10 LOUDEST Celebs

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collage Most celebs are socially-awkward or low-key and others speak in ALL CAPS like those on this list. Born without an inside voice, these megaphone-voiced entertainers are globally-known for speaking (and singing) at disrespectful decibels and can probably be heard in space. Here are the ten LOUDEST celebs in the game. Take a look.
MeekMill "Megaphone" Mill He's the undisputed King of Alarm Clock Rap with a broken volume knob and no inside voice. All treble, no bass.
Jennifer-Hudson-Whitney-Houston-Grammy-Tribute-1-702x1024 Jennifer Hudson The Grammy-winning double threat SANGS like someone just poured flaming hot grits in her weave. Stressful.
collage Samuel L. Jackson Famous for his ALL CAPS approach to acting, he's either screaming or cussing everyone out from the depths of his soul. And it's hilarious.
tumblr_m9d2qu5c8W1ryfrfko1_500 Waka Flocka The young, wild, mop-headed savage is always TURNT ALL THE WAY UP and shirtless as the face of the IDGAF generation.
monique-comedy-tour Mo’Nique Somewhereinamerica, Mo'Nique is screaming YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS while hopping in place and hugging herself.
dj-khaled DJ Khaled The sloppy blob is always screaming "Weeeeeeeeee Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Beeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssss" over songs, while out of breath, and no one knows why.
kmichelle K. Michelle That psychotic hoodrat raising HELL in Walmart after her EBT card declined? That's K. Michelle, but on national TV.
0000881850_500 Lil’ Jon No one alive screams "WHAT?" or "OK" quite like the legendary Crunk music producer.
tasha Tasha Smith She's the Meek Mill of acting who might be the most aggravating Black actress in Hollywood. If you saw "Why Did I Get Married Too," you know.
busta-rhymes-scream Busta Rhymes Before Meek Milly, Mystikal or Waka, there was Busta who SPAZZED on records with a gleeful vengeance that may never be duplicated. Photo credit: Tumblr & Topsy

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