The Struggle: 9 Celebrities Who Filed For Bankruptcy

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toni_braxton2012-nails-to-lips-med-wide-eur1 Money and fame is a helluva drug and some celebrities just have bad money management skills. Here are 9 celebrities who filed for bankruptcy.
sinbad Sinbad Sinbad filed for bankruptcy back in April after being in debt for around $10 million. He recently graduated debt school and had his debts paid off.
T-Boz T-Boz T-Boz owed creditors $768,642.99 when she filed for bankruptcy in Nov. 2011.
Antoine Walker Antoine Walker Antoine filed for bankruptcy back in 2010 and was even forced to sell his championship ring.
larry the cable guy 020309 Warren Sapp Warren Sapp filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Things have gotten so bad, he was forced to sell 213 pairs of his Nikes for just $6,390. Ouch.
toni_braxton2012-nails-to-lips-med-wide-eur1 Toni Braxton Toni owed $50 million when she filed for bankruptcy for the second time in 2010. She had her debt wiped away, but lost 2 dozen of her songs via bankruptcy.
Lawrence Taylor Plea Deal Lawrence Taylor In an effort to keep his home, Lawrence filed for bankruptcy in 1998.
dmx-iyanla-fix-my-life-580x456 DMX DMX owed 1.24 million in child support and $10 million in debt when he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July.
mc-hammer-16x9 MC Hammer Hammer made $33 million from his diamond album "Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em," but blew through that, filed for bankruptcy and now he is worth $1.5 million.
Mike-Tyson-Drug-Admission Mike Tyson In 2003, Mike filed for bankruptcy after being in debt for $23 million.

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