Lil Wayne Says His Mama Told Him To Dropout Of High School To Chase Money Makin’ Rap Fame

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We don’t need no education…

Lil Wayne Talks Dropping Out Of School

Via PopCrush reports:

Lil Wayne doesn’t do many interviews. But he engaged in a rare sitdown with Katie Couric for the premiere of the second season of her eponymous show (Sept. 9). In this preview clip, Weezy revealed why dropping out of high school was a good thing for him and why it was his own mama who suggested that he do so.

“Not at all,” Weezy said without hesitation when asked if he had regrets about not finishing high school. He quickly followed up that statement by saying that all the young fans need to say in school and that his own kids are finishing high school. What a good dad Weezy is! Plus, it was a nationally syndicated TV interview. He had to qualify his statement and tell his kids that staying in school is cool. It was a cute moment, seeing Weezy-as-dad.

Regarding his own quitting of school, it was Mama Weezy who suggested that her baby not finish high school, since he already had a platinum album out and life was no longer normal. He was forced to arm himself for protection.

Mama Weezy saw her son getting ready for a day at public school and saw him putting a gun — one that she had purchased for him — in his backpack. Realizing that he had to carry a weapon when going to school, she decided at that moment that he was getting his GED.

He also went to college, so the decision worked out for the rapper.

Would you encourage your child to drop out of school like Weezy’s mom??

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