Rap Game Scressful: Pregnant Rapper Gucci Mane Fires Shots On Twitter

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080911-music-collaborations-gucci-mane-waka-flocka-flame It’s rough out here for pregnant rappers like Gucci Mane who recently fired his boo Keyshia Dior and BFF Waka Flocka while dealing with legal woes. Sometimes we all need someone to talk to, even Gucci, who vented to his millions of Twitter followers about his Waka/Brick Squad beef in the struggliest way imaginable. Here are the best, worst and ugliest moments of Gucci's endless Twitter rant. Take a look.
Long story short, this happened... julia
Waka subtweeting Gucci while in Japan for a show. Of course he deleted it. wakax
Beginning of Gucci rant. Warning: Stressful usage of punctuation ahead. 1
2 (2)
3 Translation: I'm 100% authentic. Hometown: Bessemer, Alabama. Hood: Zone 6, Eastside Atlanta. 
9 Translation: Yall = Brick Squad members firing shots at Gucci. Blind lady = Waka.
10 Translation: Gucci has a business relationship with Waka's mother, Ms. Deb. So, Waka signed with him. But now Waka is performing overseas just to make what Gucci makes at scrip clubs.
13 (2)
Meanwhile, on Waka's Twitter... 13.5
14 Translation: Gucci will only release Waka from his Brick Squad deal for $1 million. Anything less makes Gucci's pregnant belly itch.

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