Muslim Matrimony-dom: Janet Jackson Spotted Shopping For Islamic Attire In Dubai

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Janet Jackson Arriving For A Flight At LAX

She’s really taking this Muslim thing all the way.

Janet Jackson Spotted Shopping For Islamic Attire

If your Muslim hubby was a billionaire…you would be dressing the part and praising Allah too.

According to Gulf News

Janet Jackson seems to be settling into her new role as a dutiful Qatari wife. The pop star was spotted in Dubai on Thursday shopping for abayas at Village Mall along the Jumeirah Beach Road.

According to Gulf News reader Pylene, Jackson, who married Qatari business tycoon Wissam Al Mana last year, walked into abaya boutique Toushih at around four in the afternoon.

“She was talking to the shop attendants and picking some of the clothes. She had a companion, another woman, who was dressed in an abaya.”

A person who was present at the store confirmed to tabloid that the visitor was indeed Jackson.

We pretty much saw this one coming from a mile away.


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