Daddy Do Little: New Study Claims Men With Super-Sized Shlongs Have A Harder Time Being Good Fathers

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Report Claims Men With Smaller Testicles Make Better Fathers

Ever wondered what makes one man a better father than another? Well, according to a new study, it’s all about the size of their baby-makin’ man meat.

via Huffington Post

Men with larger testicles tend to be less involved fathers than those with smaller testes, a new study suggests.

The findings, detailed today (Sept. 9) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, are correlational, so they can’t say exactly why the trend exists but only that there is a link.

But men who produce more sperm have bigger testes, and sperm production is extremely energy intensive for the body, so it may be that fathers “face a trade-off between investing energy in parenting and investing energy in mating effort,” said study co-author James Rilling, an anthropologist at Emory University in Atlanta.

Hmmmmm. What’s your take on this, ladies? Have you noticed a correlation between good fathers and pint-sized peens?



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